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Top 3 Mistakes Couples make when writing Wedding Vows

It's your wedding day! You, your fiance, your family and friends have all been waiting for this momentus occasion to occur. The officiant looks at you and says that it is now time for you to deliver your vows. Let's not blow this ;-) Below are 3 of the most common mistakes couples make when writing their own wedding vows.

1. Not writing them down

Unless you are a professional actress/actor, now is not the time to memorize a script. With all the nerves and excitement of the day, you want to be assured to convey your vows with all the sentiment with which you wrote them and mean them. My advice, write them down. You can use a wedding vow book which you can use as a keepsake, or you can simply use a sheet of notebook paper or the notes/memo section of your cellphone. Trust me on this one.

2. Not making eye contact with their partner

You are not being rude to not "address the crowd" during this part of your ceremony. Feel free to give all of your attention during this moment to your partner. Look them in their eyes. Hold their hand. These vows, although being made publicly, are very private and intimate. Really be in the moment.

3. Not being personal

Some couples copy and paste from what they see online and it becomes distant and general. Wedding vow templates are great; however, it will serve you better to use as a guide instead of an actual script. So, take time to make it special and personal.

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